5 Mar 2001 - Free shipping!

Can't find Soul Ride at your local software shop? We are now offering Free Worldwide Shipping on all Soul Ride orders from our secure online store -- for only $19.95 you can have the game delivered to your door, anywhere in the world. We use Priority Mail or Global Priority Mail so you won't have to wait. Now that's a deal!

12 Feb 2001 - Update

The January Hall Of Fame contest closed with the enigmatic AKIRA taking top honors with a score of 9020 on Duchess -- nice work. AKIRA earns a TB9 video, courtesy us, provided he ever answers his email. The Hall Of Fame saw some good activity with over fifty players submitting high-quality eye candy. This month we're going a little off-beat with the Contest -- whoever gets the lowest score on Mammoth - Killer takes home the prize video. See the Hall Of Fame page for the gory details.

7 Jan 2001 - New Soul Ride Trailer

For the unfortunate souls who do not yet own Soul Ride and want a jolt of backcountry adrenaline, I've posted a new Soul Ride trailer [24 MB] (low-res version [7 MB]). It's barely over a minute long, but it should get you pumped -- there's a nice flyover of Tuckerman Ravine followed by gameplay footage of plummeting willy-nilly over the headwall. I also included a high-bitrate taste of The Sadies and Sinkhole from the Soul Ride soundtrack.

3 Jan 2001 - Hall Of Fame

The Soul Ride Hall Of Fame is now up. The Hall is a section of the Slingshot web site where players of Soul Ride and Virtual Stratton can upload recordings of their best runs. Recordings are reviewed by Slingshot, and are then available for anyone to download and check out on the Soul Ride VCR. The Hall Of Fame includes sections for the top score on each one of the available runs in Soul Ride and Virtual Stratton, so tune up your skills and see how you stack up against the world's best.

27 Dec 2000 - Soul Ride Review

GameZone has just posted a Soul Ride review. "The courses are fantastic and wonderfully rendered," says reviewer Michael Lafferty. Have a look at the article for the whole story.

19 Dec 2000 - Soul Ride Review

The first official Soul Ride review hits the web at Static Multimedia. Says Static, "The best 20 dollars you will ever spend!! What can I say about this next generation snowboarding game, except bravo." (I think they liked it :). Check out the review on the Static site, and check out their other stuff -- unlike the usual obsessive gamer site they also cover a selection of music, art, movies and such.

9 Dec 2000 - Virtual Stratton
Virtual Stratton

Slingshot and Stratton Mountain team up to deliver the Virtual Stratton interactive resort as a free download from Stratton's web site.

Virtual Stratton is based on the Soul Ride game engine, and features the actual terrain and trails from Stratton Mountain. Now instead of a static trail map or resort cam you can move around the real topography of the mountain.

[15 Dec 2000 - patch for 3dfx Voodoo owners We've solved the problem that Voodoo3 2000 and Banshee owners have seen with Virtual Stratton. See the Virtual Stratton page for the patch.]

30 Nov 2000 - Next Generation and Game Week previews

Next Generation Magazine and GameWeek Magazine have published previews of the Catapult controller and Soul Ride.

And the prognosis is good. Says NextGen in the 12/00 issue, "The Catapult... lets you rotate on its skateboard-like deck, creating a real snowboarding feel... the entire setup is elegantly interfaced with Soul Ride...". Plus some more nice things. (Click here to read the whole preview.)

In their 11/6/00 issue, GameWeek had this to say: "The Catapult offers snowboard/skateboard game aficionados the chance to experience the real life thrill of carving down a mountain or the exhilaration of pulling off special skateboard tricks a la Tony Hawk." (See the rest of what they said)

15 Nov 2000 - Slingshot at Chicago Ski and Snowboard Expo

Slingshot team members Rob and Mark spent a few days at the Chicago Ski and Snowboard Expo last week. We had a hell of a time!

The crowd, a knowledgeable group of snowboarders and skiers, seemed to really love The Catapult and Soul Ride. Although we've done a lot of testing, it was the first time we saw the reaction in a mass market. The boarders really go into it and found that after a run or two they were pulling out great grabs and even a rodeo or two. We started signing people up at the show for a free Catapult give-a-way and by the end of the show we had about 300 people signed up. We wish each of you the best of luck.

Here are a couple of shots from the show (click the images to see the full-size photos). We are also going to be going to the Boston SnowSports Expo this weekend. Check for us at Stratton's booth. Happy riding!

3 Nov 2000 - Drawing for FREE Catapult and Soul Ride

On December 15 we're going to randomly pick a lucky winner from our mailing list, to receive a FREE Catapult with Soul Ride. Sign up from the How To Buy page.

2 Nov 2000 - They're FIRED UP in the Church

Game impresario extraordinaire Mike Wilson, in his .plan update today, gushes over the solid lineup of recent releases by GoD and ODI (including Soul Ride). We quote "... I am so freaking proud of the people I work with I am just about to burst into gibs." Music to our ears, provided Mike can hold it together. Read the full .plan here, courtesy Blue's News.

31 Oct 2000 - Da GameBoyz salute the Catapult

That crazy David Chapman at Da GameBoyz has posted a review of the preproduction Catapult. Sez David, "... the Catapult game controller is something out of an arcade junkie's dream." Read the full review here.

27 Oct 2000 - Soul Ride Message Board

We've put up a message board for talking about Soul Ride, the Catapult, and whatever else is on your mind. Here's the link. Enjoy!

4 Oct 2000 - Catapult Video

Check out the new video of the Catapult, where you can see people using it to play games with. More info on the Catapult main page.

15 Sept 2000 - Snowboard in Your Living Room

Carving his way into the mountain, the snowboarder cuts back and forth. His hips swerve left and right and drive the board into carves and dramatic turns.

But he isn't on the slopes -- he is in his living room, riding the Catapult, a new game controller from Slingshot Game Technology. The Catapult lets players board their way through their favorite video games. Pre-production models of the Catapult are now available at www.soulride.com. The Catapult is changing the way that video games are played. Although games have gotten increasingly sophisticated over time, they still lack the feeling of total reality. The graphics and action get more realistic all the time, but controller technology has lagged behind. Slingshot has taken on this challenge and their first device is a realistic snowboard controller that is about the size of a skateboard and tips and pivots. Rob Podoloff, the inventor of the Catapult, says, "we were tired of people just twiddling their thumbs and then thinking they could do 1080's and other tricks. We wanted to make the experience mimic reality."

The Catapult is targeted to two distinct yet overlapping groups, according to the company. It's a game controller for snowboarders, and a snowboard for gamers. It can be used to make games more realistic or it can be used by hardcore snowboarders who can't wait to be on the mountain. In this way the company hopes to use this product to bring these two groups closer together and allow gamers who lack the wherewithal to get to the slopes the chance to feel the excitement of snowboarding.

The Catapult can be run on any PC system with a game port. The current models are being hand made in Natick, MA as the founders wait for production models from Hong Kong. The boards are easy to use and don't need much room to work. They also come with a Beta version of Slingshot's new snowboarding title, Soul Ride.

If you would like more information, a demonstration, or a Catapult for review please call or email Mark at 508.655.3232 x114 or mark@sshot.com.

Contact: Mark Culliton
Vice President of Business Development
Slingshot Game Technology, Inc.
508.655.3232 x114
(fax) 508.655.3737

6 Sept 2000 - Slingshot Press Release

On Deck Interactive and Slingshot Game Technology announce Publishing Deal for Soul Ride

Slingshot Game Technology, Inc. and On Deck Interactive (ODI), a division of Gathering of Developers, have signed a one-game deal to bring Slingshot’s Soul Ride snowboarding PC title to market. Slingshot is in the final stages of development on the first-of-its-kind snowboarding game, with gold disc due at the end of September. The title, Soul Ride, focuses on realistic simulation of the snowboarding experience. Gamers barrel down mountains, trying to complete a series of difficult, real-world runs. They rack up points for finding creative routes, catching air and going fast. Uniquely, all of the terrain featured in the game is based on actual mountains, and is modeled from USGS data.

The terms of the deal have Slingshot developing the game and ODI handling manufacturing and distribution. Soul Ride will be available at retail for the Christmas season. Though fun and easy to learn, Soul Ride is targeted towards the growing extreme sports gaming market.

Thatcher Ulrich, lead developer and Vice President of Software for Slingshot, says "Soul Ride will blow people away with the seamless quality of its visuals and its realistic gameplay. We’ve really tried to bring the pure mountain experience to the PC as much as possible. Gamers want more realism, and Soul Ride will give it to them."

The title is currently in Beta and is available for testing/trial by interested parties.

Contact: Mark Culliton
Vice President of Business Development
Slingshot Game Technology, Inc.
508.655.3232 x114
(fax) 508.655.3737